Looking out from your windows onto the same thing every day can get tiresome. From bland grass to dead flowers, the same old scene can become boring and, frankly, feel quite depressing. Instead of letting the blues get to you, why not inject some life into your garden this summer? By placing a few things outside, in view of your window, you’ll be glad of something to look out onto, whether you’re washing up, sat in your conservatory or simply passing through your home. Here are some of our favourite ideas.

Water feature

Picturesque and enchanting, a water feature is a stunning addition to any garden area. By placing somewhere you can view it clearly from your window, you will be able to look out and watch the water trickle down, dart across rocks and pool together. You might be pleasantly surprised by the wildlife it could attract too, including insects like dragonflies, little animals such as mice to drink from it or birds to wash in it. Finally, water is said to have a calming influence and a positive impact on mental health – it’s a win-win!

Bird feeder or house

Whether you opt for a little feeder or a wooden birdhouse, there are many options to encourage birdlife in your own back garden. Fortunately, both don’t have to be expensive either. Pop down to your local supermarket or pet store and pick up some feed, and fill your feeder or sprinkle the feed in your chosen bird attraction spot. Then sit back and watch from your window as birds will happily fly down to eat and socialise – both you and the birds will be grateful for creating this space. 

Fairy garden

Cute and cheerful, this is a great little project you can create with your children. Pick a few colourful plants, buy a cheap birds house and decorate as you please. With some paintbrushes and a glue gun, you can create a pathway out of sticks, decorate your house walls and buy some little plastic animals to keep your fairies company too. With so many blogs online that have ideas on how to build a fairy garden, you can surely build something that will bring you and your family joy. 

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