Looking for a little inspiration as you design your conservatory?

The conservatory is a truly versatile space, which can make it difficult to decide what to do with it! Of course, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy the sunlight indoors, but it’s also usable in the winter when you want to enjoy a natural view without freezing in the cold.

Whether you decide to use it as a home office or a second sitting room, you want the design to reflect your style and fit in with the rest of your home. Luckily, there’s a wide range of materials, styles and colours to choose from. Read on for some modern and unique conservatory ideas to get inspired:

Opt for a square conservatory

Choose a square or rectangle shape to give your conservatory a more contemporary look. A room of this shape is also easier to deck out with furniture.

Go for a minimalist interior style

Try not to overcrowd your conservatory with too much furniture. Keep it minimalist for a more modern flair and a sleek appearance. And let’s face it, a minimalist interior is a lot easier to keep clean!

Open up your conservatory further with sliding doors

The most appealing thing about a conservatory is the scenic views it can offer of your property’s outdoor spaces. Enjoy even more of a more panoramic view by choosing sliding or folding doors. These glass doors can make your conservatory feel more spacious and even more of an indoor/outdoor space.

Consider getting an orangery

An orangery is usually designed using more brickwork than glass, with a solid roof. It also often has pillars on the inside. Opt for an orangery instead of a conservatory if you’d like a home extension which isn’t quite as flooded with light.

Consider a different colour

Although white has traditionally been the colour of choice for most conservatories, you can opt for a different colour if you’d like your conservatory to stand out and have a more modern appearance.


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