Commonly seen as more of a seasonal space, conservatories don’t always get the same care and attention lavished on them as other rooms in the home. They’ve come a long way in recent years since being used solely for plants and as a vantage point for your garden. Despite the additional benefits that having a conservatory can bring to your home such as extra space, a place to relax, and the added value to your property – they also have a lot more versatility than you may realise. Many owners of conservatories utilise the space as an area to relax and unwind or for special family occasions. However, the tide seems to be turning in terms of conservatory innovations with many creative homeowners now thinking outside the box in terms of uses for their conservatory. With this in mind, read on to discover some exciting ways you can double up your conservatory.

Craft room

What better way to get inspiration than being surrounded by the beautiful surroundings of your garden? Use your conservatory as a creative space where you can base your workstation. If you are into arts and crafts, you’ll be aware of how many supplies you need. Don’t cram all of this into a little corner of the house. Whether you paint, draw or design, create an area you can truly thrive in. No artist likes a blank canvas and this kind of hobby requires a dedicated space – create an area you can truly feel inspired by.

Home bar

Going to the bar with friends can be great fun but what greater luxury than being able to have your own bar at home where you can invite friends and family over to relax in the beautiful surroundings of your own back garden. In the summer this is ideal for barbecue season – imagine being able to open the doors up onto your garden and have plentiful beverages easily accessible. Invest in a statement drinks cabinet or perhaps a classic art deco style drinks trolley on castors for easy mobility. It doesn’t even have to be an exclusive adult-zone, you can create a family friendly area with comfy seats and arm chairs accompanied with board games that the kids will love.

Play room

Create a fun and functional space for your little ones play. Whether you’re sat in another room or out in the garden, you’ll be able to see what they’re up to; it also gives them a quick route to the back garden – perfect for the summer months. No matter the size, you are sure to keep them entertained. A well decorated playroom will hold their attention and provide a space for all their toys and playthings. Perhaps invest in some toy cubbies and storage boxes to keep things organised and consider installing some easy clean flooring for added convenience.

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