No matter the time of year, we are always looking to transform, change and alter parts of homes. Do your living areas such as the bedroom, kitchen and sitting room need a contemporary update? Do you want to maximise and create more natural light in your home? If you answer yes to both of these questions, why not contact your local door manufacturers to install bi-fold doors? 

Bi-fold doors are a stunning example of modernity, flooding your living areas with natural light and enhancing the space in your home. They are the perfect addition to extensions, open plan kitchens and dining areas, and small spaces. Bi-fold doors operate as the name suggests; when opened, the doors fold against one another, creating a seamless and smart transition of interior and exterior space. Therefore, they are an idyllic instalment to have for summer barbecues and parties, creating a larger space for entertaining or just simply lazing around as a family. 

As the title of this blog suggests, installing bi-fold doors can instantly transform the layout of your home with minimum fuss. It won’t be as costly as a large scale renovation, but it is just enough to truly make an impact to your living spaces. Below, this blog will aim to wholly convince you why bi-fold doors were your home renovation that you didn’t know you needed. Read on to be enticed. 

Five Main Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bifold Patio Doors 

Though there are many reasons as to why Bi-fold doors would be an elegant addition to any home, we collated five of the best reasons that bi-fold doors should be your end of 2019 or 2020 investment.

Maximises space

Though you may not initially think this, bi-fold doors allow for a maximised space within the home. Bi-fold doors can be installed within the internal walls of the home or the external, so they can connect and open up two rooms together, or open out onto your patio. This is why they are an ideal addition to a small living area that overlooks a garden or patio. 

Bi-fold doors are constructed by a series of panels that, when opened, fold up against the wall. Bi-fold doors are pulled from the centre, folding all of the doors in one swift motion, quickly allowing you access to the garden. The fact the doors fold against each other, rather than swing out, creates extra space in the living area. For instance, you don’t need to worry about the door coming into contact with another person or hitting furniture. Therefore in both aesthetic and practical principles, like the  need for an emergency exit, bi-fold doors are a sensible option. 

With folding doors, you can decorate your home with ease and use the extra space to place sofas, ornaments, pieces of art, rugs and tables near the doors. Bi-fold doors can allow you to see your living area within a new light, and use the extra space for your benefit. For instance, if you have a little one on the way, you need to be prepared for the extra clutter and ‘baby stuff’ that you will quickly accumulate. With folding doors installed, having the extra space within your home, no matter how small, could make a real difference. 

What’s more, if you own an apartment or flat rather than a home, folding doors are also a great way to add space and also seamlessly open up to a balcony or roof garden. 

Adds value to your home

Though you may not initially be considering this when having home renovations done, it’s always worth thinking of the bigger picture and how your home renovations will add value to your property. You never know what life will throw at you, and an unexpected twist or turn like a new job offer on the other side of the country can mean that you will need to sell your home.

There are many different ways you can add value to your home, from simple renovations like carpet cleaning to installing new bathroom tiles and a quick lick of paint before house viewings. However, long term investments like new windows and doors, extensions, loft conversions and an entirely new kitchen with the latest technology can help you make a sizeable profit. 

Bi-fold doors are one of the many investments that can increase your homes aesthetic and be an attractive feature for future buyers. Scandinavian and mid-century minimalism are two interior design trends that don’t show any sign of becoming out-modish any time soon. Equated with a cosy, easy living lifestyle, these two design movements prioritise clean lines and an understated chic appearance, attractive for families, young couples and individuals. Bi-fold doors tie into this movement, looking instantly expensive, and consequently creating extra allure. 

Seamless contemporary appearance

Have you always wanted to transform your home into a palatial residence worthy of 007? With modern innovations like bi-fold doors – you can. As mentioned above, bi-fold doors are a contemporary feature that seamlessly allows for an easy transition between the indoors and outdoors. Alongside modernist design movements like Scandinavian, mid-century minimalism and organic design, bi-fold doors fit in perfectly. Even if you have a period home and you are planning on having a contemporary extension added – bi-fold doors will blend in with older design movements too. 

When opened, bi-fold doors provide an endless transition between your indoors and outdoors, meaning you can have your morning porridge or evening meal surrounded by fresh air. This is also a great added feature for entertaining. With bi-fold doors, you can host the best garden parties and barbecues in the warmer months, where you can move amongst the kitchen areas and outdoors, canapé in hand, with ease. What’s more, in the colder months, it offers a spectacular view of your garden – making you instantly feel calmer and more tranquil. 

Provides plenty of natural light 

No one wants to come home to a dark and dismal property, especially if it is summer and the sun is shining bright in the sky. Having a naturally well-lit home is essential to helping to regulate your circadian rhythms, and also boost your productivity and mood. Scientific studies have shown that being exposed to natural light in the morning, and throughout the day can help boost your vitamin D consumption, fight against seasonal depression, and improve the quality of your sleep. What’s more, good lighting will help you focus and pay attention to your morning emails. 

If you are looking to create an abundance of light within your living areas, bi-fold patio doors are essential. You can have made to measure doors created for your living areas that are installed from the floor to the ceiling. This essentially creates a wall of glass, allowing the morning and afternoon rays to light up your home without interruption. With this premise, bi-fold doors would suit bedrooms, offices and dining areas, so you can wake up the right way. 

Another added benefit is that with more natural light filtering into your home, the energy efficiency of your property improves. Many door manufacturers will offer bi-folding doors with thermal insulative properties, like double glazing, that are a cut above the rest. Double glazed bi-folding doors will allow to keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer, meaning that you will have reduced energy bills too. 

Improves security 

Despite the many aesthetic features that bi-fold doors have, we are sure that you want to always improve the security of your home. In fact, we can understand why some families and homeowners would be cautious about installing bi-folding doors as it may allow for opportunistic thieves to see the possessions they own, and thus, want to break in. 

However, bi-fold doors are created with extra security in mind. Exterior bifold doors will have a locking system that is spread over multiple points of the sliding track and a hidden inline tracking system- meaning that the doors are sturdy, durable and near impossible for them to be taken off their tracks, unless they have with them some serious equipment. 

Many door manufacturers will also offer bi-fold security locks as an added extra cost, giving you peace of mind that your home is safe, but also allowing you easy access in and out of your property. You can get a range of different locks, including twin point, drop bolts, childproof locks and keyed locks. 

Another extra security measure that you could take is installing curtains or blinds – so you can add privacy to your property, and at night opportunistic thieves can’t see your possessions. What’s more, they will improve the lustrous and plush quality of your home. However, in the summer months, if you want to have your home feeling airy and cool, why not have bi-fold security screens installed? These mesh doors fit on the outside of your bi-fold doors and are commonplace in hot balmy countries. This allows you to open your doors at night and throughout the day, but without the worry of thieves. 

Lifestyle Design: Made to measure windows and doors for homes across Staffordshire

If you have been convinced and want to install folding doors within your home, here at Lifestyle Designs, we can help. Offering expert installation and high-quality products, our windows and doors can stand the test of time. Whether you live in an expansive or petite abode, our folding doors can be bespoke and made to measure, created with the energy efficiency and security of your home in mind. 

Alongside our bi-fold doors, we can also offer composite doors, sliding patio doors, french doors and conservatories. What’s more, if you notice that your windows and doors are looking a little tired and dilapidated, we are more than happy to come repair them for you. To find out more about our products, or to speak with a member of our expert team, simply contact us today. 

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