Like most objects, windows and doors tend to become less efficient with age. Of course, high-quality front doors and triple glazed windows should stand the test of time, but nothing can last forever! A number of issues can arise as time passes, and these can greatly impact your living environment and home safety. An example of one such issue is the double glazing on your windows faltering, which will result in drafts coming in and a chilly home during the winter months.

So, how exactly can you be sure that it’s the right time is to make some replacements? The typical lifetime of doors and windows can vary considerably based on the quality and external conditions, so there are certain signs you’ll need to look out for.

We’ve put together eight of the main signs to help you establish when it’s time to replace your doors and windows:

1.  Your home is too chilly in the winter and too warm in the summer

One of the major signs that your doors and windows need replacement is the indoor temperature. If you find yourself shivering inside in the midst of winter and sweating up a storm in your home during summer, you could have inefficient doors and windows. Upgrading to double glazing is a simple solution which can help you maintain a comfortable home temperature, no matter which season you’re in.

If you already have double glazing and face this issue, you may be in need of triple glazed windows and front doors to keep the drafts out. Or it may be that your double glazing needs renewal. If you’ve had your double glazing installed before you can even remember, it’s important to know that it tends to become less efficient over time and may need an upgrade.

2.  High energy bills

Expensive energy bills could also occur as a result of this. If you’re constantly facing high energy bills, it could be due to inefficient doors and windows letting air in. Which means you need to run your heating or cooling systems for longer and more frequently than you’d like.  Upgrade your windows to install double glazing if you haven’t already done so.

If you already have double glazing and are still having to run the heating on high to keep your home toasty, it may be a good idea to get it re-installed by a trusted high-quality supplier. You may also want to consider getting triple glazed windows which are extremely energy efficient. Yes, they’re costly at first, but they pay for themselves in the long run by reducing your heating and cooling costs on a monthly basis.

3.  Visible damage to windows and external doors

It’s normal that your windows and doors will experience a little wear and tear over time. So don’t worry about a few scuff marks and scratches that can simply be repainted or cleaned away. However, windows or doors that are visibly cracked or rotting require urgent replacement to prevent any further issues from arising. For instance, cracked door panes or broken window frames could leave your home exposed to break-ins. Cracks can also lead to mold forming which is unhealthy to breathe in and results in ineffective insulation.

Other than the above issues, visibly damaged windows and external doors also give your home an unsightly appearance. They can reduce the value of your property as well. If you’re planning on getting your windows replaced, uPVC windows are a cost-effective and durable option.

Other forms of damage could include peeling paint and splitting wood. This can lead to wood rot which can escalate to further structural issues. To prevent expensive repairs in the future, get your damaged doors and windows replaced. Remember, high-quality doors and windows are an investment that can save you considerable money in the long term!

4.  Windows or doors not opening, closing, or locking properly

Struggling to open or close your windows or doors can be rather annoying. Get in touch with high-quality window and door suppliers to investigate the cause and get them replaced if need be. Not being able to open and close your windows when you need to is a huge safety hazard.

Windows and doors that aren’t locking are not just inconvenient, they also leave you exposed to potential intruders. You should get these replaced as a matter of urgency, especially if you have external doors or a front door that won’t lock.

5.  Light is streaming in where it shouldn’t

When your windows or external doors are closed, there shouldn’t be any light coming in from around the sill, the window casing, the door frames or the threshold.  If you do see any light streaming in here, this means there are gaps where there shouldn’t be. This leaves your home exposed to other things coming in, such as drafts, rain, insects or rodents. Make your home more secure and protected with replacement doors and windows.

6.  Lots of external noise coming in

Is your home a lot noisier than it should be because of outside sounds? This could be due to having single pane windows. Upgrade to double glazing and you’ll see an instant difference in the noise levels in your home. Not only does double glazing prevent air from coming in, but it also insulates your home against sounds. If you live in a particularly noisy neighbourhood, you may want to consider getting triple glazed windows installed. Make sure all your external doors are also well insulated, as noise can easily leak in this way as well.

7.  Fading carpets and furniture

Notice that your furniture fabrics and carpets are fading? This could be a result of having single pane or old inefficient windows. The latest double and triple glazed uPVC windows come with UV protection. This is built in to prevent the sun’s rays from infiltrating your home and causing damage to your furniture, carpets, and other surfaces.

Protect your home from these harmful ultraviolet rays by investing in high-quality windows with built-in UV protection. It saves you money in the long run as you don’t have to purchase new carpets or reupholster your furniture repeatedly.

8.  Condensation

Double glazed windows better insulate your home as they trap air between two glass panes. A sign that you need to update your double glazing is condensation between the panes. If you notice a film of condensation forming, your windows are probably not insulating as well as they should. Observe any indoor temperature changes and keep an eye on your energy bills as it may be time for window replacement.


Thinking about window or door replacement?

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