There’s nothing like a stylish new conservatory to add a touch of elegance to a property, especially when it’s designed and installed according to your bespoke requirements. If you’re considering having a conservatory built and attached to your home, you’re probably already thinking of all the ways you can make the best use of it.

Having a conservatory installed on your property is a great way to benefit from additional living space without having to upsize your home, and means you have a whole new room to play around with. Whether you live alone or you’re part of a large family, there are many great ways to take advantage of the space a new conservatory can bring.

If you’ve just had a new conservatory built or you’re still deciding whether to invest in one or not, it’s time to think about how you plan to use it. Here are five great ideas for transforming your conservatory or orangery into a stylish yet functional space for the whole family to enjoy:

Enjoy a cup of tea in a beautiful breakfast room

Waking up to glorious sunshine and enjoying a spot of breakfast under clear blue skies is something we all enjoy, but is something the British weather doesn’t always allow. However, with a conservatory, you can embrace the joys of eating your breakfast under the sky no matter what the weather!

Turning your conservatory into a dedicated breakfast room is a great way to make use of your new space while enjoying the delights your garden has to offer. With large glass windows, you can also entertain the idea of alfresco dining even when the sun is nowhere to be seen. If the idea of tucking into a delectable batch of pancakes while gazing out across your lawn sounds like your idea of heaven, then turning your conservatory into a breakfast room could be ideal for you.

To do this, you’ll need to find a charming set of table and chairs to seat you and any guests you’ll have. Consider hanging pendant lighting above your table for any dark and dreary mornings you may have, and decorate with vases of beautifully scented flowers. A breakfast tray and pitcher of lemon water will set the tone nicely, alongside a crisp white tablecloth or patterned runner, depending on your preferences.

Sit back and relax in your own reading room

Our houses can be busy places, especially when we live with loved ones. While spending time with your family can be brilliant, sometimes all you really want to do is curl up and get lost in a book. If the idea of having your own dedicated place to do this sounds like a dream come true, then why not transform your conservatory into a peaceful reading room?

As conservatories are often installed as an extension of the home, and tend to back out from the kitchen area, they are the ideal place to seek a bit of peace and quiet. Hidden away from the home’s busiest living areas, you can rest assured that your reading room will stay a place of solitude at all times.

To design the reading room of your dreams, make sure you’ve got a selection of comfortable chairs and sofas. You may even want to scatter a couple of bean bags and floor cushions around to give the room a truly cosy feel. String fairy lights up to complement a selection of trendy floor lamps, and make sure you have a pile of fluffy blankets to hand.

The most important thing, however, is to find the perfect bookcase to store your favourite pieces of literature. Keep this in the corner of the room to make sure you’ve always got a book to hand!

Close the conservatory doors and get to work in your own home office

If you work or study from home, you’ll know just how important it is to have your very own office. It can be difficult to concentrate at home, with so many distractions around, which is why having an office you can shut yourself away in is necessary for maximum productivity. However, if you don’t have a spare room at home, why not use your conservatory as a place to concentrate?

Your conservatory is the ideal place to set up a home office; plenty of sunlight, beautiful views across the garden and few distractions makes this a great place to get your head down. One of the best things about having a conservatory is that it acts as additional living space while extending into your garden, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the feeling of being outside even when your list of things to do feels never-ending!

To create a productive working space, try to keep your conservatory free from distractions, including televisions, trinkets and clutter. Make sure you have plenty of storage space to keep stationery and documents, in addition to an ergonomic desk and chair for comfortable seating. Before you set up your new office, double-check the Wi-Fi connection in your conservatory to make sure your internet isn’t going to drop at any point.

Set your children free in a fun-filled playroom

For families with young children, finding space in the house to play can be difficult. Nobody wants to trip over a doll left on the stairs or stub their toe on a toy car when they’re trying to cook dinner. Despite this, play is an important part of children’s development, so having a space dedicated to fun can be extremely beneficial. With this in mind, why not turn your conservatory into a fun-filled playroom?

Conservatories can be the perfect place to let your little ones play, as you’ve got easy access to the back garden and somewhere to wipe their hands before letting them loose in the home. Additionally, putting your playroom in your conservatory means you’ll be able to keep an eye on them while you’re cooking or washing up, which is ideal for busy parents.

To create a fun playroom space, it’s a good idea to lay the floor with play mats. Then, when your children have grown up, you can remove these to reveal the shiny floor below. Make sure you have dedicated zones for painting and drawing, and fill the space with storage boxes for different categories of toys. Pop a stereo in the corner for playing nursery rhymes and audiobooks, and your little one is sure to love their new space!

Find serenity with a yoga and meditation zone

After a long and arduous day of work or study, there’s nothing more enticing than an evening of yoga, meditation and pure relaxation. However, when someone in the house has the TV blaring, and someone else is rattling around in the kitchen, it can be difficult to find the right spot to sit down and switch off. That’s why having your own yoga and meditation sanctuary is ideal.

When it comes to designing your own meditation spot, where better than your light, airy and spacious conservatory? With large windows and an undisturbed view of the back garden, this is the perfect place to relax. When it’s sunny, you can even take your practice outside, and leave your conservatory doors open while you play peaceful music or guided chants.

To design the perfect yoga and meditation sanctuary for you, it’s a good idea to opt for a soft but sturdy floor, such as linoleum or vinyl, and keep all distractions to a minimum. Decorate with plants and make sure you have a couple of floor lamps to cast a soft glow across the room during evening or nighttime practice. Keep a storage container in the corner to keep your mats and pillows tucked away, and opt for natural, earthy tones, such as forest green and clay brown.

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