Even if you don’t have a huge budget, you can create a new look for your older windows. This allows you to reuse what you already have and is an eco-friendly method of upgrading your home. It’s also quite economical. Here are a few ways to fix things up.

1. Add New Perimeter Seals

Replacing the seal around your windows can immediately make them more efficient in keeping out heat and cold.

2. Paint the Frames

Sometimes, older windows look old because the paint is beginning to peel off and they’re looking shabby. Why not just sand the windows down and repaint? Not only will they look brand new, you can even change the colour. It’s possible to take a plain white window and turn it into a red pop of colour for a room.

3. Replace the Handles

A new handle on each window will give it a sparkling look. You can choose to replace the handles with something similar to what it had before, or you can opt for something completely different to change the look. A brand new handle will give the window a whole new feel and can make it easier to open and close, as well. Choose from simple round handles to bar options and everything in between. You can use painted china handles or metal ones and each style will give the window a whole new feel.

4. Replace the Locks

Are your old locks a bit dodgy? Now is a great time to replace them. You’ll experience more peace of mind, as well as giving your windows a more modern look. Window locks may not be considered part of the decor, but they do affect what you see when you look at the window, so go ahead and choose a style that looks great in your space.

5. Clean with Solvent

Even if your windows aren’t wood and are made of metal or PVC, a good solvent will eliminate any marks or stains that might be bothersome. You’ll have fresh, new windows, even if you can’t paint them. Wiping the frames down with solvent will help clean them, but you should also wipe the edges of the windows, particularly if they are sliding windows. This will eliminate any gunk that may have built up over time and will help the windows to slide like they’re new again.

Your windows don’t have to look their age. Contact Lifestyle Designs today to learn how we can help your older windows look brand new again.

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