From pulling open our blinds in the morning to opening our kitchen windows on a particularly sunny day, there are many times when we rely on our windows to bring sunlight and fresh air into our homes. Without windows, our homes would feel cramped, gloomy and all around uninspiring, so it’s important to make sure you invest in the perfect panes and frames to give your home a lift.

When it comes to picking the ideal window frames for your home, you’ll need to look further than aesthetic – although this is, of course, important – and consider what benefits each style can offer. For this reason, one particularly popular choice of window frame for residential and commercial buildings everywhere is uPVC. uPVC, otherwise known as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, has a whole range of qualities which make it a top choice of material for building durable, secure and energy-efficient window frames.

At Lifestyle Designs, window and door installation experts based in Staffordshire, we’re proud to supply a comprehensive range of stylish and functional uPVC windows, made to measure for your specific requirements. Here we discuss some of the main benefits of uPVC windows and why you might consider them for your home.

The benefits of PVCu windows

There’s no end to the list of benefits you can enjoy with unplasticised polyvinyl chloride frames, but here are just five of the most compelling reasons to install uPVC windows in your home.

They look great

Above all, uPVC windows are a popular choice of frame because they look fantastic on all types of property. Whether you live in a traditional farmhouse, a terraced block of flats or a stylish apartment, uPVC windows are ideal. They complement all types of design and come available in a range of different styles, colours and finishes, making them a highly versatile choice of frame for all tastes and preferences.

From casement to bay, tilt and turn to sash, uPVC frames can be designed to suit all types of window, which is just one of the reasons why they’ve remained so popular over the years. With so many designs and finishes on the market, homeowners also have the option to keep their windows simple and understated or make a statement with contrasting colours and shades. Whether you’d like to keep the front of your house looking traditional with a rustic woodgrain finish, or you’d like your windows to stand out against your brick facade with green, blue or grey frames, the choice is yours with uPVC.

Additionally, uPVC windows are very easy to clean. All you need to do to keep them in great condition is to wipe the frames with a suitable cleaning product every now and then, and they’ll stay looking fantastic years after they’ve been installed.

They’re cost effective

When it comes to updating your home, it’s likely you’ll have a pre-determined budget in mind to make sure you don’t spend more than you can afford. Fortunately, whether you’re on a strict budget or you’re happy to spend a little extra on your windows, you’re sure to find a set of uPVC frames that meet your specific taste and lifestyle requirements. Despite their long list of benefits, uPVC window frames are often much cheaper than wooden and aluminium alternatives, and also have a lot of qualities that make them a cost-effective option regardless of their installation costs.

As uPVC windows are often less expensive than other models, they’re a top choice for people working to all budgets. Due to the fact that uPVC is highly durable, most window frames installed by reputable suppliers will also come with a 10-year guarantee. When designed, manufactured and installed to the highest of standards, uPVC window frames will stand the test of time and won’t need to be maintained or replaced regularly, making them a great cost-effective option in comparison to others on the market.

uPVC windows also have a number of qualities which contribute to their cost-effectiveness, including their long lifespan, durability, and high energy efficiency rating. Once installed you shouldn’t have to do much in the way of maintenance, making uPVC windows more of an investment than an expenditure.

They’re highly durable

As we’ve just touched on, uPVC is a highly durable material and is therefore recommended by many window installation experts. Unlike other styles of window frame, such as timber and aluminium, uPVC is extremely resistant to unpleasant weather – so you can rely on your window frames to stay looking fantastic come rain or shine. They aren’t prone to rusting or splintering and are also resistant to extreme temperatures and the sun’s rays. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of sun fading; your uPVC window frames will retain their colour and unique finish even in direct sunlight.

When you’re choosing window frames for your home, durability is, of course, a hugely important factor to consider. The last thing you want is to install new window frames and then have to replace them just a few years down the line, as this will be costly, time-consuming and all around frustrating. As your home is likely to be your most important investment and the place where you and your family should feel the most comfortable, safety is also imperative to think about.

Fortunately, another great benefit of uPVC windows is that they’re resistant to fire and can withstand extreme temperatures. As they’re built to abide by all relevant building regulations, and are therefore designed to prevent the spread of fire in an emergency, you can rest assured that you’ve chosen windows that will keep your home safe.

They’re noise resistant

Sirens, noisy neighbours and birdsong are all part and parcel of living in a city, but the last thing you want is to be woken up in the middle of the night or disturbed during your favourite weekly TV show due to noises from outside. Even if you live among the peace and quiet of the countryside, the rumble of tractors or the sound of the wind is likely to disturb you from time to time. For this reason, you’ll want to invest in window and door frames produced from a material with soundproofing qualities.

If you’re looking for window frames that can block sounds from the street and make your home the peaceful haven you want it to be, uPVC window frames are the choice for you. Their sound blocking qualities make them an ideal choice for all types of property and are especially effective when they’re paired with double or even triple glazed windows.

While their sound reduction qualities are still effective when installed with single glazed panes, pairing them with triple glazed panes will help you make the most of your uPVC frames. To make sure your uPVC frames are working as efficiently as possible, it’s imperative to find a reputable double glazing company or triple glazed installer to supply high-quality, soundproofing windows.

They’re environmentally friendly

In today’s society, finding ways to be as environmentally friendly as possible is imperative. With mounting pressure on individuals to do their bit for the planet, it’s no surprise that homeowners are searching for ways to make their homes that little bit greener and more energy efficient. Fortunately, uPVC window frames are among the most energy efficient of all styles, making them a great choice for homeowners with a commitment to reducing their energy usage.

When fitted and sealed correctly, uPVC windows can help retain warm air during the winter and cool air during the summer. This helps your central heating and air conditioning systems to go further, minimising how much energy your home uses, and helping you to save money in the long term. However, it’s not just their energy efficiency rating which makes them an environmentally-friendly style of window frame. uPVC windows can also be recycled, so you can rest assured that, when the time comes to replace your window frames, your old ones won’t simply contribute to the UK’s waste problem.

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For uPVC window frames you can rely on to transform your home, look no further than Lifestyle Designs. Based in Stoke-On-Trent, we’re proud to supply and install first-rate uPVC doors and windows to customers across Staffordshire, and each product is made to measure according to our customers’ requirements. Our triple glazed windows are produced with top locking mechanisms, thermal insulation and high-strength glass, and are available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

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